About Dr. Sherrie Johnson

Dr. Sherrie A. Johnson is an expert in organizational leadership, communication, and how authentic leader behavior affects employee job performance. She is an authority on leading and communicating in a global environment and competency in leadership.

As a teacher, consultant, and executive coach, Dr. Johnson shows individuals, universities, and companies how to communicate, develop talent, to provide organizational effectiveness. Her research focuses on authentic leadership and how it positively affects employees’ job performance in an organization.

Dr. Johnson has served in a leadership capacity as a director for local government, secondary and K-12 public education organizations, and corporate communications.

She has also served as part of the executive management team in leadership roles. This involved overseeing the Communications and applying advanced management principles with a critical impact on citizens and the organization.

Dr. Johnson supervised award-winning teams and managed all facets of communication. She is also an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist with 20 years of experience in the reporting/anchoring field with local and national news organizations.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majored in Journalism and Mass Communication, received her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Communications, and obtained a Doctor of Education at Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership.

In her spare time, Dr. Johnson enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and her dog Shayla. 

Information on Life After News Course

In the ever-changing world of journalism, more people are deciding to leave the industry and select a new career. It can be scary to consider life after journalism and embarking on something new. My name is Dr. Sherrie Johnson. I am a former television reporter/anchor with 20 years of experience. I made a career change to public relations and communications. I obtained a master’s degree in Communications and Media Relations. I also obtained a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. This propelled me to better opportunities. Currently, I want to help other journalists make the transition to life after the news. I am offering an online course to help journalists who are preparing to leave the news business and obtain another career opportunity that utilizes their skillset.

So, here is my invitation: If you have been wanting to change careers and leave journalism, or even if you are considering it – click on the link to register for the course and begin your new journey.

Reporter in Baltimore, MD

Covering the news on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

Broadcast Anchor

Having fun while anchoring the evening newscast in Baltimore, Maryland.


Twenty years of experience as a broadcast anchor/reporter serving as a storyteller in five local and national media markets.

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News Reporter to Communications Leader

After 20 years as a broadcast anchor/reporter, I made the transition to communications and public relations. I am now leading successful communications teams. I look forward to helping journalists make the move out of news into a dream career.