About Dr. Sherrie Johnson

Dr. Sherrie A. Johnson is an expert in organizational leadership, communication, and how authentic leader behavior affects employee job performance. She is an authority on leading and communicating in a global environment and competency in leadership.

As a teacher, consultant, and executive coach, Dr. Johnson shows individuals, universities, and companies how to communicate, develop talent, to provide organizational effectiveness. Her research focuses on authentic leadership and how it positively affects employees’ job performance in an organization.

Dr. Johnson has served in a leadership capacity as a director for local government, secondary and K-12 public education organizations, and corporate communications.

She has also served as part of the executive management team in leadership roles. This involved overseeing the Communications and applying advanced management principles with a critical impact on citizens and the organization.

Dr. Johnson supervised award-winning teams and managed all facets of communication. She is also an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist with 20 years of experience in the reporting/anchoring field with local and national news organizations.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majored in Journalism and Mass Communication, received her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Communications, and obtained a Doctor of Education at Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership. 

In her spare time, Dr. Johnson enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and her dog Shayla. 

Authentic Leadership and Staff Success

The Authentic Leadership and Staff Success online course teaches the fundamentals of Authentic Leadership and improve employee job performance. Students will learn about the Authentic Leadership Theory. Students will also learn how employees respond to Authentic leaders and how it affects job performance in the workplace.

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Hunter's Testimonial

Dr. Johnson is an inspiration for all professionals in the field of leadership and communications. I have been a student of Dr. Johnson's. Through her impeccable leadership, she can cultivate skills in professionals that will help set them apart and lead to success in the workplace.

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Chontel's Testimonial

Dr. Sherrie Johnson is an amazing instructor. The course truly helped me make a life pivot and learn to grow as a leader. I think everyone seeking to learn about new leadership styles should take this course, it will improve employee performance. Thank you again Dr. Sherrie Johnson.

Sherrie Johnson speaking at an event.
Dr. Sherrie Johnson speaks at an event

Dr. Sherrie Johnson is an Authentic Leadership speaker, coach and author. She prides herself on helping to educate CEOs, and supervisors become authentic leaders to improve employee job performance.

Authentic Leadership & Staff Success Course Curriculum

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Book & Course Work Together

Dr. Sherrie Johnson is the author of "Authentic Leadership in the Workplace." She is a subject matter expert in leadership and uses her newly released book to highlight Authentic Leadership and employee job performance.

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